Hypnotherapy is made up of two elements. Hypnosis, which is not therapy in itself, but rather the means to induce a state of concentrated focus, relaxation and heightened awareness which allows access to the unconscious mind and the therapy element, which  is how we use this state to deal with emotional and physical issues that are causing concern or limiting in some way.
The unconscious mind is the part of us that stores our memories, patterns of behaviour, self image and everything that we are unaware of in our normal everyday existence.  We don’t have to think about our breathing, or our hearts beating but our unconscious mind is controlling these functions in the background. We can use various techniques such as direct suggestion, and hypnoanalysis to change unwanted behaviours, bad habits and negative patterns and even trigger the bodies own physical healing systems. Hypnotherapy is a safe and effective way of allowing us to use our own inner resources to help make us healthier, happier and more confident.

Sports Hypnosis

Sports hypnosis uses a combination of Sports Psychology techniques and hypnosis to overcome common psychological problems in people playing a variety of sports at professional and amateur level.
Many elite athletes such as boxers Nigel Benn and Steve Collins, and golfer Ian Woosnam have used hypnosis to great effect.
In the 2008 Olympics Vincent Hancock won gold in the Olympic Skeet and Steve Hooker won the pole vault, after using hypnosis for relaxation and positive thinking.
Sports hypnosis is effective for
Competition nerves
Reduce anxiety and stress
Mental Blocks
Replace doubt with positive self talk
Overcoming Slumps in performance
Confidence Building
Enhance Focus and Concentration
Recovery from Injury
Goal Setting
Mental Imagery / Visualisation
Preparing for Competition
Improve Mental Toughness
Technique Rehearsal
Golf is probably the most well known of the sports to use Sports Hypnosis working with everything from Pre-Shot Routines and Goal Setting to Visualisation Techniques to improve your game.
It can be used equally effectively in any sport including athletics weightlifting, rugby,  tennis, rowing, football, cricket, clay pigeon shooting, skiing, cycling, judo, diving, martial arts, gymnastics, polo etc.
It also is highly effective with dancers
Even if you just go to the gym for a workout you can gain substantial benefits 
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EFT is based on the discovery theory that all negative emotions are the result of disruptions in the body’s energy system caused by emotionally disturbing events.
Our physical pain and diseases often seem to be linked to our emotions and unresolved negative emotions can contribute to these
EFT is sometimes called emotional acupuncture, as it relieves symptoms by tapping on various acupuncture points on the bodies energy meridians, instead of using needles,  while tuning in or focusing on  the specific problem. This technique relieves the emotional charge associated with the event allowing the emotions to come into balance and the problem to be resolved
EFT can address all the same physical and emotional issues as hypnotherapy


Do you want to improve the health and productivity of your work force?

I can tailor programmes for your company that include the following;

Stress Management
Motivation and Goal Setting
Public Speaking and presentation skills
Smoking cessation

Stress Management

Stress in the workplace is top cause of lost work days. The Health and Safety Executives definition of stress is
The adverse reaction a person has to excessive pressure or other types of demand placed upon them”  

  • Work-related stress accounts for over a third of all new incidences of ill health.
  • Each case of work-related stress, depression or anxiety related ill health leads to an average of 30.2 working days lost.
  • A total of 13.8 million working days were lost to work-related stress, depression and anxiety in 2006/07.  ( HSE )

Lowering stress can increase effectiveness and productivity and reduces absence due to stress related illness. Your staff can be de-stressed and given techniques to use on a daily basis to keep stress levels under control.

Motivation and Goal Setting

We can use focused attention strategies to establish goals and raise confidence levels so that your staff can be more motivated, achieving substantial gains in performance to benefit your company.

Public Speaking and Presentations

Even people who are generally confident can experience anxiety when asked to speak in public. They can be taught techniques to allow them to focus and increase their ability to memorise the content of the presentation.

Smoking Cessation

We can work on a one to one basis or in groups for smoking cessation using hypnotherapy to achieve good results. Non smokers spend less time away from their desks than smokers, which increases productivity and they tend to take less sick leave.
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